From single proof prints to spiral-bound books, the options you need at prices you can profit from.
Spiral-bound proof books in sizes 8x10, 10x15, 4x5 and 5x7.
Your choice of cover templates or create your own. Also your choice of a clear or frosted plastic cover.
Metal spiral binding for longevity and durability.
Templates allow you to place multiple images on a page, to use or hide the filenames or the option to load the page you created from your own templates.
The option to texture all proofing pages is available, as are options for black or white backgrounds on proofing pages.
Traditional proofs at prices you can afford and profit from. With our templates and easy ordering, you can still use proofing as an effective sales tool.

Proofing is on e-surface photographic paper and can be ordered with or without color correction. ACI offers 5 different proof sizes and texture is an option on proofs. Digital retouching is not available on proofs. Photographic proof books are also an option. ACI offers 7 different proof books sizes, texturing is an option for proof books.

  • Proof sizes: 3.5x5, 4x5, 4x6, 5x5, 5x7
  • Available on standard and metallic paper
  • One proof size per order
  • Proof book page templates are also available in several Memory Book sizes
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Proofing / Proofbooks

Proof Prints

Sizes Studio Color Lab Color
Standard Metallic Standard Metallic

Sprial-bound Proof Books

Sizes Standard Metallic
Cover Pages Cover Pages